Chapter 3

The news that a baby was found just outside the school gate spread among the teachers of Magenora like wildfire. It was said that the baby was discovered by a senior student which in itself was strange be cause the gates had a barrier that did not allow any noise or magic to pass throughContinue reading “Chapter 3”

Chapter 2

Regina glanced at her rear view mirror,two black sedans were on her tail and she knew why. 3 months  after belzu had given her the baby,she had been relentlessly chased by some unknown people,their motive was clear they wanted the baby,but she wasn’t’t going to let them have it. She was sure they had badContinue reading “Chapter 2”

Chapter 1

         Belzu held his son In his hands and gazed at the little baby in His hands with so much love.His clothes stained with bright red blood that seemed to glow. On his chest he had a gaping wound that was being corroded by a white mist swirling round the wound. After holding the childContinue reading “Chapter 1”

My first book

This my first time writing a story,so I am going to try my very best. Hope you all enjoy it,the book is going to be titled “vampires and magic”.

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